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Should You Study Abroad? 5 Countries With The Highest Number Of Scholarships

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Should You Study Abroad? 5 Countries With The Highest Number Of Scholarships

Studying abroad is always a difficult decision that tends to have long-lasting implications on your life. Some universities allow their students to study abroad while they’re enrolled, and others offer participation as a part of an undergraduate degree program where you can study abroad for either one or two semesters. Each type of program has its benefits and drawbacks, but which country is the best destination?

What Does it Mean to Study Abroad?

International students can live in the country for an entire year and take classes to improve their English skills. They can also explore the culture of the country, meet new people, and eat different foods. In many cases, international students can obtain a scholarship if they do well in their classes. It is also possible for them to study abroad as part of their major on an American University campus or even a Bachelor’s program.

5 Countries with the Highest Number of Scholarships

  1. China: One of the most popular countries to study abroad in because they offer more scholarship money and other opportunities than any other country.
  2. Australia: Australia is a great destination for medical or business study abroad as it grants over 150 scholarships each year.
  3. Germany: Germany is another powerful country that has about 100 to 150 scholarships for undergraduate students, and about 20 for graduate.
  4. United Kingdom:UK does not have as many scholarships compared to the last two colleges, but if you are going for vocational study abroad it may be worth considering the United Kingdom.
  5. Vietnam: Possibly the least prestigious university in Vietnam, but nonetheless offers 15 scholarships per year with great living affordability both off campus and on campus

Covering College Cost: Financial Support for Merit and Need Based Scholarships

Scholarships are also readily available to international scholars. International students should research scholarship opportunities and plan on applying. This includes continuing your search even after you have been accepted abroad and have had a visit of the campus. There may be specific scholarships that apply only to specific universities in other countries. Your financial aid office can help with this process and they will take care of translating college websites into English if this is needed.

What Can I Learn from an Abroad Program?

Studying abroad can provide you with an opportunity to explore your passion in a different country and learn a language. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and in order to succeed in the 21st century, you need to have the skillset of completing projects that span across countries.

How Do I Apply and Get Accepted?

There are many scholarships and sources of funding available. Some schools have packages where you can study at a foreign university for the cost of tuition in the US–or get paid to study abroad. There are also scholarships on offer from the federal government that should be accepted when offered. You need to research and see what opportunities are available before applying.
Paragraph: The process is different depending on the country, as well as your visa status, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The first step is figuring out what countries in particular interest you and where you would like to go for your studies abroad. Then find programs that focus on those topics with universities that may accept your visa status, and apply!


The decision to study abroad is not an easy one, especially when it comes to choosing a country. Students often have many questions about what it would be like studying there and if they would get a really good education. Those three things are the most important before deciding to go abroad and pursue their higher education.

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