Enhanced Security: Google Introduces Weekly Chrome Updates for Better Protection

Google is taking stronger action against security vulnerabilities and will soon roll out updates for Chrome every week. If you want to stay protected, you will have to restart the browser much more often.

Google Chrome is the world’s most widely used browser and therefore also one of the most popular targets for attackers. Google now wants to take even stronger action and therefore releases updates for Chrome more frequently. To stay up to date and secure, users will soon have to update the browser once a week.

Google Chrome: Version 116 brings weekly updates

As Google shares in a blog post, Chrome’s update cycle will be condensed. In addition to the monthly version updates, there was previously a patch about every two weeks, which fixed bugs and security issues.
Starting with the next version 116, these updates will be rolled out every week. Google is also testing new notifications with some users to more effectively inform them about upcoming updates.

Google: Fewer unscheduled Chrome updates

Enhanced Security: Google Introduces Weekly Chrome Updates for Better Protection

With the new update cycle, Google wants to significantly reduce the gap between patches, making it even more difficult for potential attackers to exploit vulnerabilities in Chrome. The stronger cycle should result in fewer unplanned security fixes in the future.
For users, this means that they will soon have to restart the browser once a week if they want to stay up to date. Unless you are in incognito mode, however, you do not need to fear any data loss: Google saves all open tabs for the security patches and restores them after the restart.

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