Game UI Tips | TOP 3 advice from Game Development studio

User interface (Game UI) plays a central role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Here we take a look at the TOP 3 Game UI Tips for creating UI in games from experienced game development studios. We will also explore why game ui ux services are increasingly in demand in recent times.

1. ) Keep It Simple and Intuitive

Creating a straightforward and intuitive Game User Interface (UI) is essential for a positive player experience. A well-designed UI ensures that players can easily find and use essential functions without confusion.

Use Recognizable Icons: Using universally recognized symbols for essential functions can make navigation more intuitive. For example, a gear or wrench icon is commonly associated with settings in many applications.

Look at the Battlefield 5 game UI settings. When we talk about larger game projects, we find that they have a wider range of different settings and graphics, which makes us pay more attention to the game UI.

example of Game UI on battlefield Minimize the Number of Elements: Avoid cluttering the screen with unnecessary elements. Display only the information and controls that the player needs at any given moment.

Take a look at Overwatch gameplay and how the icons are displayed in battle.

Overwatch game UI example

Use Consistent Design Language: Maintain a consistent design language throughout the game. This includes using the same colors, fonts, and icon styles in all sections of the game.

The Game UI of inventory and icons is pretty good in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Icons of items are made in the same style and shape.

Inventory icons in Assasins Creed Valhalla

2.) Prioritize Functionality Over Aesthetics

While it is attractive to create a visually appealing user interface (UI) for your game, it is important to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. This means that the UI should be designed to help players quickly and easily access the information they need without being distracted by unnecessary design elements.

Make Important Information Easily Visible: Important information, such as the player’s speed in a racing game, should be easily visible and not obscured by other design elements.

Speed game UI in need for speedYou should also optimize game UI for Different Devices – ensure that the UI is functional and easy to use on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Buttons should be adequately spaced on mobile devices to prevent accidental clicks, while on PC, the cursor precision allows for closer button placement.

Test with Real Players: Test the UI with real players to identify any areas where functionality may be compromised by the design.

Making a good game UI experience

We wanna add that seeking help from professionals can significantly improve the quality of your game’s UI/UX design.

Many companies offer specialized game UI/UX design services that can help you create an intuitive and functional user interface. These experts understand the nuances of game design and will help you find the right balance between aesthetics and usability. They will also help optimize the UI for different devices and conduct testing on real players to ensure the best user experience. Investing in professional game UI UX design services will ultimately lead to a better and more successful game.

Here you can see how RetroStyle Games, an outsourcing game UI/UX studio, deals with HUD (Head-Up Display)

Example of HUD and game UI from RetroStyle Games

3.) Ensure Consistency Throughout

Consistency in User Interface (UI) design is key to preventing confusion as players navigate different sections of a game. For example, if a specific color indicates interactive elements in one section, the same color should be used for similar elements throughout the game.

Maintain Consistent Color Coding: Use the same colors to represent the same types of elements or actions throughout the game.

Pretty good looking map elements in an old game like Skyrim

UI game elements in Skyrim example

Crafting the Perfect Game UI

In summary, a game’s UI is not just about visual design, but about providing a smooth and enjoyable interaction with the player.

By keeping it simple, prioritizing functionality, maintaining consistency, optimizing for various devices, and valuing player feedback, game developers can craft a UI that stands out and serves its purpose effectively.

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