Google Podcasts Shuts Down: What Went Wrong?

Google Podcasts, Google’s podcasting service, is closing its doors on April 2nd. This comes after several years of trying but failing to make a mark in the podcast world. Users have until July to save their subscriptions before the service disappears for good. So, why did Google Podcasts struggle so much?

Well, let’s start from the beginning. Google tried twice before to make a podcasting service work, but both attempts didn’t last long. When Google Podcasts finally launched, it had a rough start. It was hard to use and didn’t have many features.

For years, Google Podcasts felt like it was trying to find its place. It only got better in 2018 when it got its own app and allowed people to subscribe to shows. But by then, it was a bit too late. People were already using other apps they liked more.

Even though Google tried to improve Podcasts, like making an iPhone app in 2020, it never caught on like they hoped. Rumors about a new podcasting service under YouTube didn’t help either. With all these problems, Google decided to close Podcasts and focus on other things.

So, what can we learn from Google Podcasts’ story? Well, it’s essential to have a clear plan and make something people want to use. If not, even big companies like Google can have a hard time making things work. While it’s sad to see Google Podcasts go, it’s also a chance for them to learn and try again in the future.

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