How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password?

Are you unable to change the Netgear Extender Default Password? Then you are at the right place, here you will get to know, How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password?

Netgear wifi extender is a wireless device, that expands the home WiFi network by connecting to your existing network. And it also boosts the speed of the internet and provides better coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

It is an adequate way to boost the speed of the network, and it should be within the range of the wireless router. And the safety of the WiFi extender is quite necessary.

Issues you encounter while modifying the Netgear Extender Default Password

Not all users are able to do this on the first go. Every user face issues while changing the password of the Netgear WiFi extender. Here are those problems, that you may confront while doing this.

  • Incapable to access Netgear setup wizard.
  • Mywifiext website of the wifi extender is down.
  • The message is not available even after filling in your login credentials.

Why Should One Change The Netgear Extender Default Password?

What Is Netgear Extender Default Password? Every Netgear WiFi Extender comes with an in-built username and password. And the default username and password are written on the label of the wifi extender, which is located on the back or the bottom side of the wifi extender. 


And if your use the same password for a long time can put your network in danger. Because if someone is familiar with your Netgear wifi extender model, then your network and your personal data can effortlessly be robbed. 

Changing the default password on your Netgear extender is a required security step that helps safeguard your network from unauthorized entrance. 

So, in order to keep your network safe from such situations, it is required to modify the Netgear Extender Default Password. Follow the below instructions to change the Netgear Extender Default Password.

Important Things You Should Remember

The following are some things, that you should remember while changing the Netgear Extender Default Password.

  • Change the password within one or two months.
  • Set the SSID with a strong password.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Set the password using numbers, alphabet, and special characters.
  • Do not use dictionary words.
  • Personalize your login credentials.

Methods for How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password

Changing the Netgear Extender Default Password is not a challenging task, but it is not simpler too. 

So, if you do not know How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password, then here are some simple steps to do the same. Go through the following methods to change the Netgear Extender Default Password. 

  • Plug your WiFi extender into the power outlet, and make sure that it is in good condition.
  • Now turn your wireless device on, and wait until the LED lights turn green.
  • And then connect your home router with the Netgear WiFi extender. 
  • You can also connect your device wirelessly or the ethernet cable.
  • Once the connect successfully build, then turn your computer on.
  • After this, on your computer, launch the web browser, and make sure the browser is updated.
  • Now enter mywifiext local in the search bar of the browser, and click on enter. Then Netgear WiFi extender login page will appear.
  • Fill in your login credentials i.e., username and password, and click on login.
  • And you will jump into Netgear Genie smart wizard setup. In this, go to the settings menu, and then click on wireless settings.
  • After this, under the password field, fill in a new password according to your choice, and then click on apply.
  • Make sure the new password you set is easy to remember, and use the alphabet, numbers, and special characters.
  • Now re-enter the same password, and click on the apply tab.
  • After some time all the changes, that you have made will get saved.

Unable to Change the Password of the Netgear WiFI Extender

If the above steps are unable to help you in How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password. Then before changing the password, you should take care of the following things.

  • If the LED light on the WiFi extender doe not turn green, then reboot the device.
  • And make sure, the power outlet is getting enough power, and working properly, in which the extender is plugged in.
  • Check the ethernet cable is not worn or damaged from anywhere. 
  • If the connection between the WiFi extender and the home router is weak, then you will not be able to change the password.
  • If the firmware of the wifi extender is outdated, then this can also cause this. So, before changing the password, make sure the WifFi extender firmware is updated to its latest version.
  • Interference between both devices can break the signals. So, keep the device away from cordless phones, refrigerators, and baby monitors to avoid the signal breaking.

Sum up 

Certainly, the above methods will help you with How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password. If you are unable to fix Netgear Extender Default Password on your own, then go through the above technique.

And hopefully, now you have also understood Why Should One Change The Netgear Extender Default Password. Doing this is vital, to protect your network from burglars.

If still unable to change the Netgear Extender Default Password, then try to get in touch with Netgear experts, they will provide you with full assistance and also guide you on How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password.

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