How To Get Money From Instagram ( A Step By Step Guide)

If you’ve ever wondered how to get money from Instagram, then this piece is for you. The Instagram platform has well over 1.704 billion users worldwide making it important to know how to implement Instagram monetization. The platform which began as a photo-sharing app, has quickly transformed into a business platform. It now boasts of having thousands of its users leveraging the platform’s diverse audience to market and sell products as well as services.

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In this article, I will be sharing tips on how to get money from Instagram. This piece will be a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

How to Get Money from Instagram

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To learn about how to get money from Instagram, a creator must first understand the principle of monetization on the platform. They have to know how it works when to implement it as well as which method to best adopt.

Instagram Monetization

The term Instagram monetization is simply the process creators take in making money out of their Instagram account. Content creators often make money by engaging their loyal fan-following to promote brands as well as sell their own products.

Just like every other online business model, there is nothing simple or easy about earning on Instagram. It requires more than fancy Instagram handle, quirky descriptions as well as posting photos to earn money through the platform. It borders more on hard work, dedication, patience, and the ability to convince your followers enough to sway their purchasing decision.

Keep in mind that the Instagram platform does not pay its users, but in 2020, Instagram announced that they would start sharing revenue with creators on IGTV ads. Other than this, creators earn through various means which we will highlight later. To give an insight, brands regularly reach out to worthy creators to partner with, and many creators often actively hunt for such partnerships.

How Long Does it Take to Monetize an Instagram Account?

In actuality, there is no time constraint on when a creator can monetize his or her Instagram account. Many have done this for months while some have taken years. A common factor though is that you must:

  • Build a loyal fan-following on the platform.
  • Develop steady engagement with your followers.
  • Consistently post content.

Should I Monetize My Instagram?

Monetize My Instagram

Content creators on Instagram can monetize their accounts as soon as they attain the minimum requirement of 1000 followers. The most important factor is to have an impressive high engagement rate.

Accounts with at least a thousand followers are often effective in partnering with localized businesses or start-ups. Such account owners are referred to as Nano-influencers and often command lesser fees. As your followers and engagement increase, you become more valuable and attractive to bigger brands that can pay you the big buck you so desire.

One best practice is to apply Instagram monetization as soon as engagement rate and follower count fit in with your posts and niche’s quality. This is because brands now focus more on how engaged your audience is and how much influence you have over their purchasing decisions.

Simply prove to them that as an expert in their niche or a related one, you can help create brand awareness and boost conversions.

How to Monetize on Instagram

To provide answers to how to get money from Instagram, you need to be conversant with some of the monetization techniques available to you. Keep in mind that each method varies greatly and earnings will depend on the creator, contents created, as well as niche. Here is a list of some of the best means of monetization on Instagram for both pictures and videos:

  • Sponsored Posts or Shout-outs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Advertising
  • Product Placement Videos
  • Integrate Instagram shop to your online store
  • Earn with IGTV ads
  • Earn tips with Live Badges on Instagram
  • Sell on Instagram Live Shopping
  • Reviewing products or services in the videos
  • Creating how-to videos about products or services
  • Running video ads to drive traffic to your website to generate sales

Tips on How to Make Money with Instagram Monetization

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of any monetization method you decide to utilize:

Create Concise Bio

concise Bio

A profile bio is a valuable and powerful section that content creators can use to leverage new visitors. Irrespective of whether you’re a business or an individual trying to monetize Instagram, keeping your bio as precise as possible is crucial.

Bios are more or less a brief, catchy, and visually appealing description of you. When writing a bio, it’s important to apply creativity and include the values you intend to add to potential partners. Another thing is to state clearly what exactly you do so as to remove confusion.

Remember, when it comes to a bio, keep it simple, crisp, and brief. Also don’t include unnecessary details that can clog up your bio.

Create Quality Content

Quality Content

This is one of the most important decisions you can take as a content creator with monetization on Instagram. As with other social media platforms, you are most likely not the only content creator in your niche. This means competition is high and everyone is jostling for the attention of the same target audience.

One way to edge out this competition is to create quality, useful and unique content. Ensure to always use high-quality images and never repeat product pitches. Originality and authenticity are two attributes that can help your content quality greatly.

Simply offer a much more genuine and actual experience-based promotional content. This way audience can relate to your content more and drive up engagements. Most recently, video content in the form of Stories and IGTV can help you stand out. They have also proven useful in attracting an audience and increasing engagement.

Find Suitable and Relevant Hashtags


Hashtags are a great way to improve the discoverability and reach of your promotional content. Thankfully, the platform allows content creators to use a maximum of 30 hashtags; I will recommend a number around 10. Asides from the numbers, it’s important on using concise and relevant hashtags with your content for maximum effect.

If your worry is about getting the right hashtags, you can leverage third-party tools to help you get started. These tools will sift through the platform and based on your niche, provide you with a list of popular hashtags relevant to your niche. A popular example is the HashtagsForLikes tool.

Keep in mind to never make use of any random hashtags as your content might get drowned or lost. Content creators should try as much as possible to match hashtags to each post. This in turn will help generate the right audience for conversion by maximizing reach. Feel free to get creative and witty with your hashtags, as well.

Be Consistent                                


As with all social media earnings, consistency is an important attribute for success. If you intend to make enough money through Instagram monetization, then you have to be regular. Irregularities in posting or interacting with your followers will most likely kill your business before it even starts off.

Studies by Tailwind have shown that there is a positive correlation between the frequency of posting and engagements rates. Not only that, the more fresh content you have on your page, the more likely you are to grow your audience fast.

One way content creators can keep up consistency is to create a fixed posting schedule. Preferable a schedule in synch with the times your audiences are most likely to be online.

Also, it makes little progress for you if you don’t interact with your audience. Take time to respond to comments, questions, and even like audience comments. That helps to build up engagement as well as trust.

It’s a simple process of logic; to nurture any relationship, you need to interact with one another on a regular basis. The same principle applies to your monetization process on Instagram.

Network with Other Content Creators

network with other professionals

Many will consider this as being too close to potential competitors. In actuality, you stand to gain immensely from building relationships with other creators in your niche. Every other method listed above will get you as far as possible but learning directly from your competition gets your farther.

Building such relations could translate to extra exposure for you via tagging or shout-outs. You can also concisely interact and engage with them as well as their audience. Building relationships such as this also exposes you to other tactics they might be using. You can as well reach out to them for collaboration on creating content.

Simply put, the benefits are enormous and we at daniels hustle strongly suggest incorporating this into increasing your earnings.

Requirements for Instagram Monetization

It’s possible to earn money on Instagram with as few as 1000 followers which is why brands rarely use that as a metric for partnership. Oftentimes, they rely on much more detailed metrics to measure creators worth to their business. These metrics include:

Influence on Fan-Base

Influence on Fan-Base

For a creator on Instagram to have successful monetization return, you need to understand why brands will pay you and what exactly they are paying you for. The basis of any partnership on Instagram is for a brand or business to gain exposure and access to your audience. The aim of these is simply to sell their products to your audience.

This means as much as a number of followers isn’t top on the criteria list, it still plays an important role. A business looking to sell its products will have to know that it is getting a sizeable chunk of the target market by partnering with you. Low followers could translate to the inability of the creator to drive sales for a brand’s products. As such, content creators that wish to monetize their Instagram accounts will have to grow their reach. And this should be done organically, to at least a few thousand to be able to have an impact.

Next up is influence. This is simply the amount of control a creator on Instagram has over his or her followers. Since you need the influence to generate sales, creators must be able to design and share compelling content. The contents shared must be powerful enough to sway the decision-making process involved in the purchase. Hence a large portion of your followers should be able to make decisions based on your product recommendations.

It’s important to measure the performance of your Instagram account using a third-party analytics tool. Such tools can help creators improve on their growth process as well as provide information on best practices. Content creators can easily identify top-performing content and use that information to develop future content. In the end, they are able to further increase their followers, reach as well as influence.

Dedicated and Engaged Followers

Engaged Followers

Creating an appreciable fan base gives content creators an increased chance of appearing in the feeds of more audiences. But that becomes seemingly useless if such an audience doesn’t engage with your content. Therefore asides from an increase in followers, content creators must strive to increase engagement. And the fastest way is to create valuable contents that solve certain needs for the audience.

Thankfully, engagement is easy to measure. A quick glance at the statistics of audience liking, commenting, and sharing posts will be sufficient. Businesses are always on the lookout for creators that engage their audience regularly as this means audiences are active. And an active audience means one that is more likely to purchase or perform a conversion.


By now, we are sure that answers have been provided to your question on how to get money from Instagram. While the platform provides several ways of earning money on it, all the methods require an appreciable amount of work time.

Regardless, Instagram is a fantastic platform to leverage as a content creator on social media and create impressive income. It has favorable statistics to support your quest for earning. Just keep in mind to always abide by the rules of the platform if you don’t want to lose your source of income.

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