Linux overtakes macOS: This is what people prefer to game on



ccording to the latest Steam hardware survey analysis for July 2023, there are some interesting developments. In terms of processors, the growth of AMD’s Ryzen CPUs has slowed down. The market share is stagnant at 33.19%, with a weak growth of 1.16 percentage points compared to the previous month. And that’s not all. You can see all the info about the Steam deck in the video.

Interesting is not only the change in the hardware used, but also the change in the operating systems used. Linux increased by a good quarter to 1.96% and overtook macOS for the first time, which has a distribution of 1.84%. One reason for this could be the new Steam OS, which is preinstalled on the Steam Deck and based on Linux.
The list of the most popular operating systems is still topped by Windows 10, which, however, has lost 1.56 percentage points and is now at 57.87%. Windows 11 is behind Windows 10 with a penetration of 36.67%.

Other interesting developments

Linux overtakes macOS: This is what people prefer to game on

There are also interesting developments in other categories.

  • 16 GBytes of RAM and 6-core processors continue to lead the popularity scale despite minor losses.
  • The share of 8 GByte VRAM grows to 29.16%.
  • The Full HD resolution continues to dominate.
  • The most popular graphics card is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, which, however, continuously loses distribution and could soon be replaced by the GeForce RTX 3060.
  • AMD has clearly fallen behind NVIDIA with a total market share of 15.93%, which dominates the biggest part of the market with 74.69%.

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