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Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glue Hair Nightmare Fixed by Surgeon

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A big day for the woman who put gorilla glue in her hair, the woman who superglued her hair is in a lot better shape. Today, here’s, Tessica Brown, no more rock hard glue. I mean that’s, got to make you feel good right.

Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glue Hair Nightmare

It makes me feel awesome. The 40-year-old mom of five earned national notoriety for using gorilla, glue spray after running out of hairspray yep, the same gorilla glue from those wacky commercial’s gorilla spray adhesives for the toughest jobs on planet earth.

Gorilla Glue

Bad idea, you look my health, it doesn’t move Tessica, tried washing it out with oils and shampoo and even went to the emergency room, but nothing worked until Beverly Hills, classic surgeon, Michael Obang, offered to help Tessica flew from her home in Louisiana To Los Angeles, how are you holding up Tessica where she got a COVID-19 test before undergoing a procedure to dissolve the glue using a concoction of medical grade?

Adhesive remover, aloe Vera, olive oil and acetone? The process took four hours, and you can see the hair coming.


Undone: okay, that’s; it Tessica! You did great look how easily the comb glides through the hair still on the operating room table Tessica is overcome with emotion. Talk show host Wendy Williams, who, earlier this week ridiculed her gorilla glue.

Wendy Williams

Woman dumbest girl on the face of the earth is now expressing sympathy. I’m glad that you got your hair back. Bet she doesn’t do that again, gorilla glue, says the packaging warns people not to put the product in their eyes or on their skin, and we would say that includes hair.

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