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The Ministry of Sports will demand compensation for the transfer of competitions from Russia

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The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation will prepare claims in connection with the transfer of international competitions from the territory of Russia, said the head of the department, Oleg Matytsin.

“There are risks of disruption of the competitions, we will evaluate them, prepare our claims based on the results of the withdrawal of the competitions from the territory of the Russian Federation. We need to understand the conditions under which they were concluded, we will return the registration fees,” Matytsin told reporters on Monday.

“We need to get official decisions from international federations, including FIFA and UEFA, make a legal analysis and do everything possible to protect the interests of Russian sports,” he added.

The head of the Ministry of Sports stressed that “a dialogue has been established with almost all international federations.”

“We are not going to isolate ourselves, without Russia the development of world sports is impossible,” the minister said.

“We hope that this is a short-term measure and the Olympic values ​​will be put at the forefront,” he added.

Earlier, the IOC recommended that international federations move sports competitions from the territories of Russia and Belarus, as well as exclude teams from these countries. IOC sanctions imposed due to the situation in Ukraine.

A number of major sporting events have already been moved from Russia. These include the UEFA Champions League final in St. Petersburg, the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Championship and a number of others.

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