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The United States ordered 12 employees of the Russian mission to the UN to leave the country until March 7

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The United States ordered 12 employees of the Russian mission to the UN to leave the country by March 7, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s permanent representative to the World Organization, said on Monday.

“I have just received information that the US authorities have taken yet another hostile action against the Russian mission to the UN, grossly violating their obligations as the country where the UN headquarters is located. We are told that 12 people from the staff of the Russian diplomatic mission were declared persons of non- Grata, and they must leave the States by March 7,” he said at a press conference in New York.

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He noted that we are talking about diplomats working at the UN headquarters.

“The United States has just visited the Russian mission and handed us a note that orders us to fulfill this requirement,” Nebenzya said.

He recalled that the Russian side discussed with the UN Secretary General the issue of arbitration by the host country, “which grossly violates its obligations as the host country.”

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“So far, nothing has been done on this issue, but it seems to me that the time has already come,” Nebenzya stressed.

He indicated that “the answer will be mandatory, because it is standard diplomatic practice.”

Nebenzya noted that with this step, “the United States is grossly violating its obligations to the country that hosts the UN headquarters.”

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The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation also stated that he had no data on the death of civilians during the hostilities in Ukraine.

“Information about hundreds of civilian deaths – I already said today that there is a lot of fake news here, there are a lot of factories that produce this fake news. We have no confirmed data on civilian casualties,” Nebenzya said at a press conference on Monday (quotes are given in the translation of the TV channel “Russia-24” from English into Russian).

“Of course, when there is a war, anything can happen. But in order to consider this information reliable, more confirmation is needed, it is difficult for us, because we see an active propaganda campaign against us by a whole factory of” trolls, “added the permanent representative RF.

The journalists asked the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation whether he considers what is happening a war or a special operation, to which he replied: “I would not call it a war, because the war implies more active military operations, we announced this, we insist on this: we We only attack military targets in Ukraine, we do not attack civilian infrastructure and cities.”

Nebenzia expressed hope that the crisis around Ukraine would not lead to the use of nuclear weapons.

“As for the use of nuclear weapons, I hope God will not allow this,” Nebenzya said at a press conference at the UN on Monday, answering the question of when and under what conditions Russia would be ready to use nuclear weapons.

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously ordered the Russian deterrence force to be placed under special treatment “because we are receiving disturbing statements from NATO leaders.”

Answering the question when the Russian military operation on the territory of Ukraine will be completed, Nebenzya said: “As soon as we have an understanding from the Ukrainian authorities that they are ready for demilitarization and denazification, this will be a step towards the end of the military operation.”

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