The Worlds Smallest Ryzen Gaming PC: Minisforum EM680

In this article, we’ll be delving into the intriguing world of mini PCs, particularly focusing on the EM680 model. This petite computing marvel boasts some impressive specs despite its diminutive size, making it a compelling option for a variety of tasks. Let’s take a closer look.


The EM680 mini PC is a tiny yet powerful computing device that defies expectations. To put things in perspective, it’s smaller than an ergonomic mouse and can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand. The sheer size of the EM680 is enough to pique anyone’s curiosity. Even the famous LTT banana for scale fails to fully convey just how compact this machine is.

The Worlds Smallest Ryzen Gaming PC: Minisforum EM680

Priced at around $419, the EM680 manages to pack a punch in its small form factor. Let’s dive into its specifications to see what makes this tiny device tick.


  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, boasting 8 cores and 16 threads, with a clock speed of up to 4.7 GHz. It also features AMD Radeon 680M graphics.

  • Memory: The model being discussed here comes with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte SSD. Notably, the RAM is LP DDR5 dual-channel onboard memory and is not user-upgradable. However, the device does support an M.2 2230 PCIe 4.0 slot that can handle SSDs up to four terabytes.

  • Size: The EM680 measures a mere 80 x 80 x 43 millimeters.

Ports and Connectivity

Despite its small size, the EM680 offers a decent array of ports:

  • Front: One USB-C (USB4), auxiliary, and power button.

  • Rear: Kingston lock, microSD card slot, USB-A (USB 3.2 Gen 2) ports, reset button, HDMI 2.1 (supporting up to 4K at 144 Hz), additional USB-A (USB4) ports, and ventilation.

However, it’s worth noting that the EM680 lacks an Ethernet port, which could be a limitation for some users. Nonetheless, you can use a dongle or a dock to add this functionality and more.


In the box, you’ll find the EM680 mini PC, a USB-C cable and adapter (supplying 65 watts), an HDMI cable, and user manuals. The packaging is minimalist, as is fitting for a device that focuses on what’s under the hood rather than extravagant accessories.


The performance of the EM680 is surprisingly impressive. It performs remarkably well for daily tasks, including web browsing and basic video editing, making it suitable as a primary computer for the average user.


  • Geekbench: The EM680 scores nearly 2,000 points in single-core and 6,800 points in multi-core performance. These scores are competitive with larger computers, showcasing its power despite its size.

  • Cinebench: It achieves a multi-core score of 10,963, placing it in the upper echelons of computing power among mini PCs.

  • Storage: The included SSD offers read speeds of about 4,500 MB/s and write speeds of approximately 3,500 MB/s, ensuring snappy system responsiveness.


Gaming on the EM680 is a pleasant surprise. It handles less demanding games like “Splitgate” and “Fall Guys” with ease, providing smooth gameplay at 1080p resolution. The device maintains impressive cooling, with GPU temperatures hovering around 64 degrees Celsius.

For more demanding AAA titles, the EM680’s performance does dip, as expected. Titles like “Elden Ring” may run at lower frame rates and require lower graphical settings for playable experiences.


In conclusion, the EM680 mini PC is a remarkable piece of hardware that defies its tiny dimensions. It excels in daily computing tasks, offering strong performance for its size. Its compact form factor and decent gaming capabilities make it an intriguing choice for those seeking a space-saving yet powerful computing solution.

While it may not replace high-end gaming rigs or workstations, the EM680 shines as a versatile and portable computing companion. With its impressive AMD Ryzen processor, ample RAM, and fast SSD, it’s more than capable of handling a wide range of computing needs.

If you’re in the market for a mini PC that packs a punch, the EM680 is definitely worth considering. Just remember to choose the configuration that suits your needs, and you’ll have a capable computing companion in a small package.

For more information and to explore this mini PC further, check out the EM680 on the manufacturer’s website.

And that concludes our review of the EM680 mini PC. We hope you found this article informative and helpful. Have a great day!

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