Top 4 MacBook Lines Suitable for Students in 2023

The prices of the newly released MacBooks is not really “student-friendly.” However, MacBooks that have been released for a while are not like that. When you consider the value and durability of the MacBook, this is a worthwhile investment. The following article will introduce 4 MacBook lines suitable for students and demonstrate why they are worth the investment. Let’s check them out!

MacBook Air M1

Launched in late 2022, the MacBook Air M1 has a powerful M1 microprocessor, an 8-core CPU for 3.5 times faster performance, up to 512GB of memory, and 15 hours of continuous use. With a compact design and smooth keyboard operation, the MacBook Air M1 meets all the needs of students.

Currently, the MacBook Air M1 is priced at about 18–19 million VND in the 8GB ROM and 256GB RAM model. At this level, it is a suitable choice for students of many different majors because it can smoothly implement software such as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Illustrator, to name but a few.

However, for students learning about information technology that requires significantly heavy tasks, the MacBook Air M1 is not the right choice.

Top 4 MacBook Lines Suitable for Students in 2023


MacBook Air M1 with slim, luxurious design and superior performance compared to the price

MacBook Pro M1

The MacBook Pro M1, which was released in 2021, features a 10-core CPU for 3.7 times faster performance, a 32-core GPU for 13 times faster processing speed, and a 1TB SSD hard drive for massive storage. In addition, the Pro M1 also has a battery capacity of 20 hours of continuous use and a compact design, helping students study and work anywhere.

The current MacBook Pro M1 costs about 43–45 million for the 14-inch model with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. If you have financial conditions and study majors that require your computer to handle heavy backend, frontend, UI/UX software and tasks, cinematic effects, etc., you should consider this Apple product.

Besides, this device can smoothly handle tasks from editing photos and videos to running code, etc., without getting laggy or overheating.

Top 4 MacBook Lines Suitable for Students in 2023

MacBook Pro M1 smoothly handles different software operations

MacBook Air M2

The MacBook Air M2 has an M2 chip with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU for high processing speed and a 256-GB hard drive for comfortable data storage. Up to 18 hours of battery life and a slim and lightweight design allow you to take it anywhere.

Currently, MacBook M2 Air is priced at about 27–29 million VND for the 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM model, making it suitable for students of many different majors. The MacBook Air M2 runs basic software extremely well, allowing students to work and study comfortably.

Top 4 MacBook Lines Suitable for Students in 2023

Exquisite design, luxurious colors, and powerful processing performance in MacBook Air M2

MacBook Pro M2

Released in early 2023, the MacBook Pro M2 has a powerful M2 Pro chip with a 12-core CPU and 32-core GPU for 30% faster processing speed and 20 hours of comfortable battery life.

In addition, the MacBook Pro M2 has been re-equipped with a cooling fan, making the machine “cooler” when performing multi-tasking for hours.

Top 4 MacBook Lines Suitable for Students in 2023

13-inch MacBook Pro M2 is equipped with Pro M2 chip for powerful performance

Currently, MacBook Pro M2 2022 is priced at about 29–35 million VND for the 13-inch model with 8 GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD. In terms of processing performance, the device meets all the needs of students of different majors. The device can handle even heavy tasks like editing, rendering videos, and running code with ease, making it well worth the money.

 Top 4 MacBook Lines Suitable for Students in 2023

MacBook Pro M2 helps get things done quickly and is commensurate with the price

The above article has analyzed the details of the top 4 MacBook lines suitable for students in 2023. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to select the Mac that best suits your needs and finances.

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