Totally crazy: Boot Windows XP on Apple’s VR glasses

Apple’s VR headset is not even on the market yet – and developers already have an exciting use case for the “Vision Pro”. A video demo station from the developers of UTM shows that Windows and Linux can also be run on the Apple glasses with a few tricks. The developers can even run the ancient Windows XP system.

Using older operating systems with virtual machines? The developers of UTM make this possible.
The idea behind it: This is the only way that older software written for these systems can still be used today.

UTM brings Windows XP to the Vision Pro – at least almost

Now the developers have managed to make the Windows XP system run on the Vision Pro as well. The M2 processor has enough power to convert the old Intel architecture to Apple Silicon.
However, they are still struggling with many problems, for example, keyboards cannot be connected yet. So, there is still a lot to do before users can virtually enjoy the flair of 2001.


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