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UNIFY Financial Credit Union to offer bitcoin

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More and more American credit unions are getting ready for bitcoin. Now UNIFY Financial Credit Union (UNIFY) has announced that they will be offering bitcoin to their customers.

Buying and selling bitcoin becomes child’s play for UNIFY’s customers. It is no longer necessary for customers to go to a bitcoin exchange such as Coinbase or Bitvavo . Everything can be arranged from the banking environment. UNIFY has achieved this by using the services of NYDIG. NYDIG can be considered the bitcoin infrastructure provider for banks and financial institutions in the United States.

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NYDIG has established many strategic partnerships in recent years and is enabling the US banking system to gradually integrate bitcoin as a new currency and investment option for interested customers.

UNIFY has made a video on how customers can buy bitcoin. You can view it here: https://vimeo.com/642762155/8437a35596. For more information: UNIFY bitcoin .

We will see a lot of these types of news items this year. 2022 will be the year that bitcoin is actually taken up by the US banking and energy sectors.

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