Vidnami Alternative: Top 50 Best Vidnami Alternatives and Competitors

When it comes to marketing, creating brand awareness, advertising or simply driving social media engagement, video content reigns supreme. This is because, with video content, you are able to adequately communicate with your intended customer.

Before now, Vidnami was the go-to tool for such activities.

Today, however, there are plenty of video-makers to choose from. While many pose to be a suitable replacement for Vidnami, a lot of them fall just short.

This is because when you compare them to the intelligent video creation and built-in auto voice features in Vidnami, you just don’t get the same result.


For many years, Vidnami stood as a unique video maker that automatically combines users’ text, clips, voice track, and music. Its in-built artificial intelligence reads text and automatically selects video clips from its robust library of video clips.

To further prove its worth, the tool will automatically create captions for video content, which in turn boosts SEO.

Its auto voice feature also comes in handy for users with a different language other than English.

Overall, Vidnami is best suited for users with little or no technical skills while still looking to create engaging videos. Below are a few facts worth mentioning about Vidnami:
  1. Automatically creates text overlays as well as captions and transcribes your video
  2. Access to over 790,000 video clips library
  3. 30,000 royalty-free music tracks
  4. Users can use its Text to Speech voiceover feature
  5. Accessible only on Google Chrome browser
  6. Processing speed is dependent on the video size
  7. Some photos/videos require attribution (auto-generated).

Top 50 Vidnami alternatives

After the acquisition of Vidnami by GoDaddy, the famous video editing tool was shut down on August 19, 2021. This means a lot of its users are out there searching for a suitable alternative. To be candid, the lot is much, and picking one to use might come down to user preference and purchasing power. To make that decision easy for you, I will be taking a rundown of the top 50 alternatives to vidnami.

Keep in mind that some of the video editing tools shared here might not be as awesome as your beloved Vidnami. But they are sure to help you get the job done and create those awesome and exciting videos you want.


Renderforest is arguably one of the best branding tools available today in the market. The tool is an all-in-one branding platform and users can create broadcast-quality videos and AI optimized logos. It can also be used for making photorealistic mock-ups, digital and print graphics of all topics and purposes. To further impress on its versatility, the platform can also be used to design fully functioning websites.

Renderforest is a very handy tool with an ever-growing collection of high-quality templates to select from. The tool is easy to use and requires no technical or design skills on the part of the user. Simply use its drag and drop feature to create the perfect project.

Starting Price: $9.99/one-time/user

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.

Hippo Video

When it comes to video marketing platforms, the Hippo Video is a top-notch choice for creating those awesome videos to boost your marketing. Hippo Video combines in-video, hyper video personalization as well as marketing automation workflows for its users. The platform has custom workflows for marketing, email campaign, sales, and customer support processes where users can create their own designs.

Hippo Video produces well-optimized and easy share content.  Getting started with it is simple and requires little or no technical skills. Its users can also host videos, embed videos, and place them just about anywhere.

Starting Price: $10.00/month/user

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.


Lumen5 is one of the easiest video content makers for social media marketing. The tool helps users create colorful and engaging videos from their existing content. When you think of this, it is essentially a way of adding video as a regular part of your marketing strategy. It boasts easy to use high-quality Integration feature in minutes.

Lumen5 uses AI-powered technology to help users storyboard their ideas. Its media library is a collection of tons of photos, video clips, and audio files, giving users access to just what they need. Lumen5 allows for fitting content to a specific layout as well as including music and visuals to further enhance your video.

Starting Price: $29 per month or $19 per month if billed annually

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.


Wibbitz is an online video editor platform or tool that allows teams, professionals, individuals to produce professional short-form videos.

The Wibbitz Studio makes it simple and quick to create and edit videos and animations for social media, marketing, entertainment and news, communications, recruitment, events, and whatever you want to use it for. Wibbitz allows creators have access to customizable video templates, icons, images, soundtracks, drag-and-drop editing tools, in-house experts, and videos.

Wibbitz has excellent reviews so far from users, This tool is highly recommended by professionals who are happy with simplicity, user-friendly editor environment, responsive customer support, flexible and affordable pricing, and high-end video products. Businesses recommend it for its expansiveness.

Starting Price: $29/month.

Free Trial: Free Trial available


FlexClip is a web-based video editor that is ideal for creating and editing videos for social media networks and other purposes. This editor is categorized under the semi-professional video editor tool. But it has advanced features with an intuitive interface. This editor offers over a million free music, high-quality videos, and images in its library.

You don’t need the experience to be able to create video essays, slideshows, promo videos, with FlexClip you can do all that easily. It is mostly recommended for those who don’t have prior knowledge; Professionals tag it as too simple.

With an 82% excellent review, we can say FlexClip is an amazing video editing tool. It has its downside and majorly the only complaint is poor customer service. Other than that, users applaud its ease of use, good pricing, video and picture quality, value for money. FlexClip is recommended if you’re an amateur, professionals use it as well but if you want advanced editing features you can try other tools.

Starting Price: – Basic plan $4.99/month, $59.88/year, Plus plan $7.99/month, $95.88/year, Business plan $19.99/month, $239.88/year.

Free Version: Free version available

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the latest addition to the adobe series. This app is used to create all things graphic which includes social graphics, short videos, and web pages. Adobe spark transforms your ideas into awesome visual stories with the amazing tools it has.

You just have to pick an image, add text, and filter designs or even animations to make things interesting and unique. This app can be used by anyone but it is mostly used by bloggers because of its magazine-style web stories.

Overall, Adobe spark is rated a 4 star out of 5, with outstanding reviews from the users in areas like the functionality of features, ease of use, Designs, Product quality, And good customer support. As expected of any Adobe product, Adobe spark is highly recommended.

Starting price: $9.99/month.

Free version: Free version available


Typito has been dubbed as the Canva of video making. The video creation tool comes with an impressive library of free-motion templates and images. If you are a marketer in need of videos for social media platforms, then Typito should be a suitable replacement for Vidnami.

Users of Typito can create brand videos in 20 different formats. It comes with easy-to-use instant captions, a drag and drops editor, and brand kit features. Its interface is user-friendly combined with an impressive customer support system.

Starting Price: $29 – $149/month, $300 – $1500/year

Free Version: Yes


Veed is a simple video editing tool that’s not complex and easy to get started with. Marketers and influencers will find this tool pretty handy in their craft. The Veed video editing tool provides an easy way to create video content with automatically generated subtitles and awesome video effects.

Users can also include their own custom logo for branding. Veed does not have its own stock assets and so users are required to upload content. This provides a much-uncomplicated platform to edit videos at will. Also, users can try out the Veed without signing up for an account.

Starting Price: $15 – $30/month, $144 – $288/year

Free Plan: Yes


When it comes to finding Vidnami alternatives, Animoto is one of the great choices out there. Animoto makes it easy to create standard quality videos be it on a computer or a mobile device. Business owners, professionals, creatives, and freelancers can use this platform to make high-end videos for use on just about any platform.

The tool has a simple interface and an easy-to-use drag and drops editor. Animoto also comes preloaded with a rich library of templates, stock photos, and videos from Getty Images. Users have the luxury of creating video content right from scratch or from its range of storyboard templates.

While Animoto’s monthly paid plans seem o the high side, the platform has no restrictions on how many videos users can create. Also, the platform supports the creation of video content in many different sizes. This is great for any social media platform sharing requirements.

Starting Price: $0, $65 – 94/month, $396 – $588/year

Free Trial: Yes


Fleeq is a popular yet unique video-making tool. The tool has proven useful for creating explainer videos, demoing new features, training new staff as well as internal knowledge sharing. It is easy to use and requires no technical skill from a new user.

Using Fleeq helps you create live interactive videos with auto narration and video localization and translations. This makes it a suitable alternative to Vidnami especially for course creators, marketers, businesses as well as support teams.

With Fleeq, users have the ability to track, optimize, embed, localize and share videos in a short time. Also, users get real-time feeds of who’s watching their content, where they are, and when they are. This comes in handy if you want to improve engagement over time as you now understand how viewers interact with your content.

Starting Price: Call required but many users were charged $49/month

Free Trial: Yes


Vimeo is an online video service that allows more growth for businesses. This service allows you to upload videos, arrange your library. Also, users have access to privacy settings and customization. With Vimeo create an online video maker, you have all the tools required to create videos, add a caption, customize colors for your project and check out statistics with Google analytics.

Vimeo so far has had terrible ratings, with an 86% negative review, ranging from bad customer service, Faulty billing system, lack of refund, difficulty navigating the tools UI, and many other complaints by the users. Vimeo is highly not recommendable to anyone.

Starting Price: Plus package plan $12/month, Professional Package plan $20/month, Business package plan $50/month, Premium package plan $75/month.

Free Trial: Free Trial available


Gratavid is a video content creation software that allows users to create and send out a personalized video that were made to scale, and sent via email or SMS. This software has a video request feature that allows users to request video from advocates and share it with their contacts. This software is for any individual who wants to create and publish a personalized video.

Starting price: $100/month

Free version: No


PlayPlay is a video creation and editing tool that enables companies, marketers, and social media teams to produce high-quality videos quickly, without prior experience or editing skills. Big brands including Heineken, AXA, and Orange use the PlayPlay software to create and publish everything from news summaries, social stories, company announcements, public information videos, and adverts.

Starting Price: £200/monthly/user

Free Trial: Free Trial available


Offeo is the perfect platform for creating short videos in form of ads. This platform is equipped with dynamic tools and features on a simple interface. It has thousands of templates that can serve as frames for your projects, a good UI, and a drag and drop system. It’s a very simple platform to use. People love its simplicity and most marketers use it to create ads.

Review for Offeo sits on the fence as it has a slightly equal percentage of good and bad reviews. Users loved its simplicity and ease of use. They loved its features as well while major complaints were about frequent bugs that needed to be fixed to make the experience excellent.

Starting Price: $19/month

Free version: Free version available

Free Trial: Free Trial available


The newest version of VidToon is a complete drag and drop 2D animation software designed for desktops. Thankfully, the tool supports both Windows and Mac PCs. Users of this tool can create video content faster with its new editor. It has a rich library for any image, icon, or gif as well as numerous characters and backgrounds available in its marketplace.

VidToon provides users with the ability to make videos with any resolution they want for any social medial platform. It uses a simple User interface that is easy to use and users often don’t need prior technical skills. And there are quality tutorials that provide help and guidance when needed. It’s good to also state that a downside is its 25minutes maximum length for each video.

Starting Price: $49/Month


If you wish to create a fast but quality animation, then you should try Moovly. The platform is reliable, fast, and comes with tools that can help you do just that. Moovly is an online platform dedicated to the creation of video contents such as animations, presentations, and other multimedia contents.

The tool has a detailed yet simple library and uses a quick drag and drop interface to create content. Users also have the option to upload their own media files to the platform for more productivity.

Moovly offers API access and allows users to export content in any video format. The platform is quite popular and has a healthy support community on the internet, so seeking help is easy.

Starting Price: $25.00/month/user (Volume packages available including discounts)

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.

Final Cut Pro

Video content making couldn’t be better than Final Cut Pro. This tool allows you to edit even more complex projects, work with larger frame sizes as well as higher frame rates. It also comes with amazing effects and a robust library. When you combine this with its blithering speed, you have a complete video-making machine. The Final Cut Pro makes post-production activities seem effortless.

This tool integrates very well with Mac so seamlessly. This is because it’s built to harness the extreme power of the new Mac Pro for higher-level performance.  And when working on a system fitted with an eGPU, users can select which GPU to use for peak performance. It renders video files faster than many other editors due to its advanced tools and automation. Final Cut Pro can appear complex at first but after a few practices, users get familiar with it.

Starting Price: $299.99 one-time fee

Free Trial: Free Trial available. is a video content-making platform that is specifically designed for marketers. It combines the awesome powers of an online editing toolkit, cloud-based video hosting, and a landing page builder all in one package. It’s one of the awesome tools for creating, retasking, and publishing videos on sites, blogs, social media, and emails.

If you are a marketer, paid advertiser, or social media marketer, then is a great tool. The platform requires a minimal learning curve. It also has a robust library of awesome templates to make videos for many social media platforms. Contents can be made responsive to any video format and size. also offers an auto-generated customizable video landing page.

Starting Price: $25.00/month/user

Free Version: Free Version available.

MiniTool MovieMaker

The MiniTool MovieMaker is a free and yet valuable tool for video content creation. It offers users the ability to trim, merge, cut, split, rotate and mix video clips. Users can also apply stylish effects as well as increase or decrease video speed among many others. When you need to create a short but fun video, then this tool can come in handy.

The platform is simple and easy to use while providing a lot of transitions. Users have a lot of templates to select from or simply choose to import photos and videos. A visible downside with this tool however is that users have to keep sliding the marker over the video to select what part they’re looking at. Also, the audio can easily get corrupted.

Starting Price: Free


PowToon is a web-based animation software that allows its users to quickly create animated presentations. Users can simply edit pre-created objects, import images, provide music as well as perform user-created voice-overs. The tool takes into consideration a good balance between keeping it easy and being flexible with the provided features.

While this tool might not help you create stunning animations, it can be useful for simple business, educational content, and marketing materials. Basically, you can use Powtoon to create contents that don’t require the use of numerous features.

All in all, it offers colorful and beautiful animations with the option to add text awareness to drive home your message. For the quality you get and the level of work that can be done, the price is really awesome.

Starting Price: $19.00/month/user

Free Version: Free Version available.

Adobe Animate

With Animate, you can do all your asset design and coding right inside the app. Users also have access to Adobe Fresco Live Brushes to further help them blend and bloom designs. The Adobe Animate is an awesome, reliable tool when it comes to animation video. As awesome as it sounds, it does have its own drawbacks.

Too many integrated tools mean it is hard to master them in a short period of time. This becomes even more prominent if a user has no basic technical knowledge. Also, with a large number of features, choosing assets to use for a project can become very complicated.

Starting price: The only way to buy Adobe Animate is as part of a Creative Cloud All Apps subscription.

PixTeller Editor

When you need to instantly create and design graphic content, PixTeller Editor can help you without stress.  This tool can help create and share custom graphics, animations, social media photos, posters, cards, banners, etc. The editor works well, has very good filters options while offering excellent animation features.

It provides numerous templates to choose from. Users can opt to use from its rich library or simply make their images and animations from scratch. One awesome aspect of PixTeller is that it requires no design skills on the part of the user. It’s intuitive, comes loaded with fonts and many useful resources as well users being able to upload their own materials. Besides its simplicity, there is a fairly large community to seek help from when needed.

Starting Price: $9.00/month/user, PRO ($9 / month) – Unlimited Designs,

DIAMOND ($19 / month) – Unlimited Designs & Animations

Free Version: Free Version available.


VideoPad Master’s Edition is powerful enough to use in creating and editing videos. Thankfully, it supports many different formats so you can rest assured of getting work done. The tool is very intuitive and its user interface is simply great. Users just have to simply drag and drop video clips to create awesome content.

VideoPad is loaded with different visual effects, filters, and transitions such as chroma key or green screen technology. Asides from this, users can set color and visual effects to the tune they desire. Recent updates include modern features such as 360 video support and are compatible with 3rd party plug-ins. A visible downside is users have to constantly pay to update to later versions. Some users have also complained of slow video preview render and bugs.

Starting Price: $69.95/one-time/user

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.


Kapwing is an online image and video content editor specifically made for casual creators and creative professionals. It uses a drag and drop feature to make design easy while allowing users to select from a wide range of templates from its library. With Kapwing, users have access to audio tools, brand overlays, speed adjustment as well as split and merge features.

The platform remains perfect for creating content for social media as well as small-scale business marketing. Kapwing supports HD resolution for your content as well as users being able to use its text to video Voice-Over. It’s a reliable software that can help you save time on tasks such as subtitling, annotating images, making collages, editing bug reports among many others.

Starting Price: Free

Free Version: Free Version available.


If you are searching for a professionally created video editing tool, look no further than LightMV. This tool offers its users diverse templates for videos creation no matter the occasion. Better still, LightMV is available both online and as a downloadable version which you can access anytime.

The LightMV video editing tool has an intuitive interface and there are no ads to disturb your creation process. Users can also import their files onto the platform to work with. Although created by professionals, LightMV doesn’t require any prior knowledge of technical know-how. Simply rely on the drag and drop feature with functional templates. Users can also add texts and upload music of their choice or music from the library.

Starting Price: $29/month, Lollies start from $19.

Free Version: Free Version available.


InVideo is a suitable alternative to Vidnami and is awesome for creating short videos. So if you looking to create promotional, advertorial, or quick social media post content then you can use this tool. This tool provides users with access to over 3000 templates. InVideo comes packed with animated grids that users can use to display multiple images in the same scene.

Users can as well create videos from a URL with full customization options as well as layouts to compare new features.  InVideo comes with automated Text to Speech option to ease creation. The noticeable downside of this tool however is its limited time length for each video. So while it’s great for short videos, it can’t create the long-form, in-depth explainer videos which many users might want.

Starting Price: $20 – $60/month, $120 – $360/year

Free Version: Yes


Biteable is an online video and animation maker that allows its users to create all kinds of videos with animations. Users can select from pre-designed templates and scenes to use in their own content as desired. Biteable comes with a sizable library of characters, infographics, multimedia, and motion effects.

A visible advantage is that it requires no technical skill on the part of the user. Its video animator creator isn’t highly sophisticated or complicated to use. But be informed that this tool has no voice-over options and is limited in customization features. Users have also found it difficult to change timings and speed settings on it.

Starting Price: $29 – $99/month, $228 – $588/year

Free Version: Yes


When you wish to create stunning video ads, then Promo is an excellent choice for doing just that. It’s also great for making explainer videos, social media videos as well as product videos.

Users have a rich library of video templates to choose from or simply create personalized ones. Promo also provides a large collection of premium HD videos and pictures from Getty and other media asset partners. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface coupled with simple-to-use editing features. It’s noteworthy to state that Promo has a restriction on video length which means it might not be suitable for longer projects. But pitching a sale, an idea, a blog post, and ads are its main strongholds.

Promo is an amazing graphic platform with lots of amazing reviews, yes they have bad reviews but they aren’t damaging and the company has worked towards fixing the problems in the reviews. The major positive remark it has is good customer support, good features, and functionalities. Promo is highly recommended.

Starting Price: $49 – $359/month, $468 – $2988/year

Free Plan: Yes


Crello is an online graphic design tool that allows you to design, create graphic images, animations for business or personal purposes. Crello is an amazing ready-to-use tool, you don’t need to have prior knowledge of graphics design to use it. This tool also helps professionals focus on their ideas, and allow them to build high-end visuals in less time, thanks to the ready-to-use templates, animated icons and shapes, and several editing tools available on it.

Crello’s review has been amazing so far, the tool itself has no bad review, both professional designers and amateurs have positive things to say about how easy and unique the tool is. The only downside to crello is a handful of complaints about bad customer support and payment issues, asides that crello is an amazing visual tool.

Starting Price: Pro plan $9.99/month, Starter plan (free version) is free with 5 downloads only monthly.


Makewebvideo is a website online that allows anyone to easily make logo animations, promotional videos, trailers, and intros. The aim of this site is to provide individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations with easy-to-use graphics creation tools for producing videos for branding and marketing. Makewebvideo is suitable for businesses and anyone wanting to create professional videos at a low cost.

Glad to say makewebvideo has no negative reviews so far, the top positive review it has is users are not forced into a monthly subscription. Users also love the idea of a pay-per HD video system. The graphic tools of makewebvideos have received remarkable credit, and it has excellent customer service and the tool is highly recommended.

Starting Price: $10 pay-per HD video, Monthly subscription is optional.

Free version: Free version available


Videolicious is equipped with graphic creating and editing tools to help businesses and organizations, as well as individuals, create quality videos and images and this is done faster with an automatic video editing feature. The app allows users to do this without any production experience; users can learn to form the app’s library of tips and hints.

Videolicious hasn’t received any critical review. So far the only reviews it has so far are positive and are centered on the app’s performance. Users give it a positive rating for ease of use, good graphic tools, value for money, quality library, effective and expansive benefits.

Starting Price: $80-$100,000 a year.

Free trial: not available


This is a video and graphic personalization tool that uses business and customer data to create online videos that are specific, relevant to the target audience. The dynamic platform allows businesses and entrepreneurs to build video content easily to scale for distribution. The platform opens APIs to make video templates better.

Storyteq has solid and strong positive reviews from users including businesses, professionals, and amateurs. The tool is not overpriced, good value for money, in terms of features and functionalities, most users rate it a solid 8 out of 10. The overall rating for Storyteq is 4.3 over 5 which is very encouraging. This video-creating tool is highly recommended.

Starting Price: Storyteq is not publicly listed, contact vendor. But pricing usually ranges from $550 monthly.

Free version: not available


Covideo is a video messaging platform mainly for sales professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to improve brands and services. The platform is used to record, send, keep track of videos that are geared towards business improvement. Users can upload videos from their devices, or use the tools screen record feature. The tool is also equipped with clickable CTA buttons to drive engagement.

Covideo has had positive reviews over the years with no particular strong negative reviews. Users of this platform applaud its expansive ability, the tools had had good reviews on its features, ease of use, affordable pricing, and no issues on technical support.

Starting Price: $69 per user monthly, $588/year/user.

Free Trial: Free trial available.


Videoscribe is an easy-to-learn software tool for creating whiteboard videos quickly. The software can be used to create video presentations, animations, and other graphic items in 2D. With the drag and drop interface, users can use features like images, text, and soundtracks to create whatever they want. This software tool can be used by anyone.

Videoscribe unfortunately has strong bad reviews from all over. Clients complained about the tools poor software, very bad customer service, No value for money. Generally, this software isn’t recommended to anyone. We hope they can improve.

Starting Price: $22.76/month.

Free Trial: available


Rocketium is a top-notch Vidnami alternative. It offers a suite of video and image creation products for big-time users such as agencies, professionals, and serious marketers/advertisers.

Rocketium video maker is a self-serve video creation software featuring drag and drop capabilities as well as integrations for video production. It also features an API that automatically creates videos in bulk from the processed data sent. To use the API and spreadsheet bulk create features, users have to subscribe to its high-cost business plan.

This tool specifically focuses on the professional graphic design production process. It has workspaces for an organization as well as workflows for team management processes. This makes it useful for anyone working on high-performance campaigns.

Starting Price: $49 – $499/month

Free Trial: Yes


WeVideo comes on as an easy-to-use video-making tool and just about anyone can create engaging videos with it. Users have a wide variety of colors, fonts, animated text options, music, and special effects to choose from. WeVideo also provides cloud storage for video content created on it.

WeVideo has a simple interface and requires virtually no learning time on the part of the user. Its pricing plan is also one of the most flexible on this list which means it can fit into any user’s budget. It’s an excellent choice for making video ads across many social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Noticeable downsides however include limited audio editing options and slow video rendering times.

Starting Price: $9.99 – $59.99/month, $59.88 – $358.88/year

Free Plan: Yes


The Storyblocks Maker is a video editing tool that offers users the ability to easily create videos from marketplace content. Storyblocks runs a marketplace of royalty-free stock media assets. It also has flat-rate pricing for unlimited access to 893,000 video, audio, and image files.

Its video maker has a decent library of HD / 4K footage clips, AE templates, as well as motion backgrounds. The video maker tool was added to help users leverage marketplace contents in creative ways, thereby creating more value from their Storyblocks subscription. Freelancers, marketers, business owners, as well as creative, will find Storyblocks appealing. It can help them create high-end content from their video footage.

Starting Price: $19 – $65/month, $99 – $349/year

Free Trial: Yes


Vyond ImageVyond is a video animation-making platform that is cloud-based. Vyond formerly known as ‘GoAnimate’ until it was renamed in 2018 is an American company. Vyond as an animation-making platform provides its clients with features such as templates, characters, actions, text boxes, props, soundtracks, and music effects to create whatever they wish to create.

These features are used through a drag and drop interface, the tool also allows users to upload their own choice of assets like; video files, audio files, and photos. Users can create tons of animated videos as they want. Characters can lip-sync dialogues assigned to them and users are allowed to download finished projects either as GIFS, Mp4 files, or video presentations.

Vyond is a website used to create animated videos mainly for business purposes but can be used for other objectives. Now after critical reviews from different sources, the reviews for Vyond aren’t exactly on the good side. Some negative reviews include not having certain important themes and features, to the service being overpriced. Another noticeable sour side is its bad customer support service and the features not being business-oriented.

Starting Price:
Essential package; $299/year,
Premium package plan; $649/year,
Professional package plan: $999/year,
Enterprise package plan; contact vendor for custom pricing


LumaOne is a cloud-based platform that provides and offers businesses tools to create, publish and manage videos on a centralized platform. It brings the idea of interactivity together through video to create and drive results.

LumaOne is a very powerful tool that allows users to create and add animation elements, surveys, navigation in videos in line with project requirements. It allows its clients the ability to import and export files on the platform with much functionality available. Users also have access to the overview of clients’ behavior and activities via actionable analytics, videos can be translated into multiple languages as well.

LumaOne generally from different sources has amazing and wonderful reviews. The platform has no negative review that is neither damaging nor unappealing. The positives include; great functionalities, prompt customer support as well as Ease of use

Starting Price: $195/month.

Free version: Free version available


Animaker is a 100% web-based tool used for creating animated videos. It allows individuals and users to create animated presentations using the drag and drop interface. Animaker gives access to visual tools such as actions, templates, characters, and soundtracks for the creation of videos in styles like whiteboards, cartoons, and infographics.

Animaker is best for creating videos for marketing, personal and educational purposes. Its animated styles come with ease and are quite engaging. Animaker pricing is grouped into 3 categories Basic package, starter package, professional package. Each package comes with advancement of features.

Animaker doesn’t have encouraging reviews from its users, yeah there are good reviews but its reviews fall more on the bad side. The first complaint is bad customer support service, Payment issues, site lag when used for serious or huge projects, and no value for money.

Starting Price: Basic package plan: $10/month, $120/Year, Starter package plan: $19/month, $228/year, Professional package plan: $49/month, $588/year.


EasyVSL makes this list by just the slimmest of chances. This is because it has several limitations which make its use limited. That said it remains a powerful tool for slideshow presentation style video creation.

Its newest version includes features such as kinetic typography style videos and automated voiceover synchronization. It also provides users with access to a rich collection of royalty-free images.

The visible downside to this tool is that it supports horizontal formats only. This means it doesn’t provide support for square or vertical formats. This limitation effectively makes EasyVSL, not a good fit for social media-related content or ads. Essentially, EasyVSL can be used to create videos for sales as well as explainer videos.

Starting Price: $97+$9.99/month, $197/year

Free Plan: No


Screencastify is one of the simplest, easy-to-use video editor platforms. With over 12 million users, it is easy to record, edit and share video content. It has a sharing integration with YouTube and Google Drive. This software is made for everyone including business professionals, students, and regular individuals who want to make video content.

Starting Price: Free


Dubb is software that easily helps create actionable and animated videos to get more engagements and increase productivity. The Dubb mobile application is equipped with tools to help create, edit dynamic videos for various purposes such as business and recreation. Files are easily exportable and can be sent via SMS, email, CRM, and other ways.

Generally, Dubb has been reviewed five starts from all angles such as design, customer support, ease of use, features functionality, and an over five-star rating. The Dubb mobile app is highly recommended by professionals.

Starting Price: $10/month/user.

Free Trial: Free trial is available.

Free Version: Free version available

Godaddy Studio

Godaddy Studio

This is a mobile application design software that helps create graphics with ready-to-use templates, fonts, text, and images with few clicks on your device. You don’t need to be a design expert to use the app. It was designed to help users create graphic content in mere minutes. Godaddy studio is suitable for brands and businesses that need graphic contents that stand out.

Starting price: $6.99/month.

Free version: Free version available


Pixiko tools

Pixiko editor provides an easy-to-use and helpful video content creation tool. The tool has a simple intuitive user interface with an array of useful and convenient tools for video processing. You can add text to video, merge videos and rotate the video as you want, users can also crop video, mute, and add music to video.

Adding text and Pictures to your content is so easy with its click and drag feature. Pixiko doesn’t require any editing skills to use on the part of the user, making it a handy tool for newbies. A known downside however is its slow processing time. Also, downloading your content can take a while.

Starting Price: $0.89/one-time user

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.



iMovie is a lightweight video editing tool available on both Mac and iPhone as it comes free with Apple devices. This tool is sufficient enough for editing raw videos quickly with its basic transitions and cuts features. All users have to do is simply select clips, add titles, music, and effects. iMovie supports 4K video for impressive cinema-quality films.

This tool has a decent library of styles to choose from and users can add animated titles and credits to their contents. On a Mac, customization of font, size, formatting, and color of the text is effortless. Users can also slow or speed up scenes to create more buzz with trimming and effects. Also, iMovie has a fast rendering time. All these features make iMovie excellent for simple video editing; it is not suitable for heavy or professional editing.

Free Version: Free Version available

Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is a unique video editing tool in its own right. Users can upload any video and the software will sketch out the opening scene. It then proceeds to create a mind-blowing effect from Sketch to Live Video transition. Users also have the ability to set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to LIVE video.

Easy Sketch Pro allows users to add music, voice-over to both sketch and live video. Also, text can be added with its ‘drag and drop Interface. The tool also has a vast library of ready-made tracks for background music and images.

Starting Price: $67

Free version: not available

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts is an animation software with exciting features such as animation, collaboration tools, social sharing, and awesome templates. The video-making tool has a simple yet intuitive user interface combined with its drag and drops feature. Developed by the company RawShorts, which is based in the United States, its video editing tool is specifically Mac software.

This tool comes loaded with a rich library collection to help users with the design process. It’s highly flexible and has no need for prerequisite design knowledge. Lots of design options. Raw Shorts pricing policy also offers additional options that many video editing tools don’t – package of video exports instead of the more popular on-going subscriptions. As an artificial intelligence video editor and text to video maker, Raw Shorts is perfect for making explainer videos, animations, and promo videos.

Starting Price: $39.00/month

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an intuitive, powerful and excellent video editing software for both Windows and Mac users. This tool is specifically designed for anyone who wants to easily create and share videos. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and comes with an impressively wide range of built-in effects, audio, graphics, text amongst others.

Movavi Video Editor Plus remains a fast and beginner-friendly video editor with an intuitive interface. It is easy to use, fast and users are able to complete editing videos in just minutes. The Movavi Video Suite adds a format converter, screen recording, and a photo editor. Users also get PiP, chroma-key, titling, basic key-framing as well as motion tracking.

Starting Price: $79.95 per year or a one-time payment of $199.95

Free Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.


Magisto focuses on artificial intelligence technology in order to make the video editing process fast and simple. It’s an online video editor for automated video editing and production aimed at consumers and businesses. Magisto uses Emotional Sense Technology, patented story detection that automatically analyzes and edits raw video footage and photos. It is one of the favorites go-to tools for producing video stories and professional marketing videos.

Starting Price: $4.99/month, $9.99/month, $34.99/month

Free version: Free version available


From the above list, one can see that there are no shortages of suitable alternatives to Vidnami. Users of the famous video-making tool have a wide range of categories to pick from with each offering its perks and downside. While this is true, the choice of which to use solely rests on the user and what it’s been intended to create.

Be that as it may, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Many of the free plans offered by the tools on this list come with video quality limitations. A handful of them set a 420p or 720p resolution limit on contents created using the free plan. If a user desires higher resolutions, an upgrade to a paid plan might be required.

Also, many of the free plans often have creation or export restrictions on them. If you are using a free video maker, some of them restrict the number of videos users can create per month. A great deal of them restricts the number of videos users can export per month.

Another point to note is that videos created with free accounts often include a video maker branded watermark. If a user wishes to remove the watermark, he/she will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

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