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Well-known lawyer sells his mansion for 625 bitcoins

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The adoption of bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto industry is progressing steadily. This time it comes out that a well-known American lawyer, Tony Buzbee, wants to sell a house in the US state of Texas and accepts bitcoin as payment. The price tag of the spacious mansion is 625 BTC, or about $27 million.

Bitcoin Mansion

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It is one of the most expensive houses in the entire Houston area. It includes five bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, a gym, library, home cinema and garage for at least six cars.

At the bottom of the page of the house on the Douglas Elliman Real Estate website , it is casually reported that the owner also accepts bitcoin as a means of payment. Of course, the latter is what distinguishes the sale of this property.

Buzbee bought the mansion with his wife in 2013, but has since decided that he would like to live elsewhere. Due to the absurd state of the Houston housing market right now, Buzbee has decided that now is an excellent time to put his mansion up for sale.

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625 BTC

It is noteworthy that Buzbee accepts bitcoin as a means of payment for the luxury home. The volatility of the largest cryptocurrency is often seen as a major obstacle to its use as a currency. However, this doesn’t deter Buzbee. Any risk Buzbee is taking in accepting bitcoin as a means of payment appears to have been offset by the timing of the sale in an overheated housing market.

It is not exactly the first time that a house has gone up for sale with a payment option in the form of bitcoin. Especially expensive houses of famous people have been sold for bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in recent years.

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Recently it was even announced that a house in the US state of Florida was going up for sale as a non-fungible token (NFT) . It is clear that the worlds of real estate and cryptocurrencies are quite compatible with each other. It is therefore not surprising to expect that this trend of adoption will continue in the future.

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