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Westerwelle Scholarship for Entrepreneurs in Germany

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Westerwelle Young Entrepreneurs Program. This international project that will take place in Berlin, Germany, is an opportunity for people involved in entrepreneurship, there you will have the opportunity to learn about business development and promotion and about new business methods in emerging markets.

The Westerwelle Scholarship from Germany is for a duration of six (6) months which includes participation in a conference where you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills as an entrepreneur. While you are participating in this entrepreneurship training you will share experiences with your fellow youth and formerWesterwelle.

One of the main benefits of this award is the full funding it offers its members. This project has the support of important companies such as Google, Oracle, Evonik, Gi2, among others.

Scholarship for young entrepreneurs

Institutions where you will study:
Westerwelle Young Entrepreneurs Program, Germany.

Levels and study areas:
Business training.

Who can participate?:
Participants from emerging economy countries.

Scholarship endowment:
Westerwelle will provide the following prizes to its participants:

  • Fully Funded Five (5) Day High-Level Conference.
  • Six (6) month remote training program.
  • Contact with investors and world-renowned companies.

Conditions that must be met by participants:

  • Being a young entrepreneur from a country with an emerging economy.
  • Having created a for-profit company in the last five (5) years, it must be related to developing markets.
  • Have a good command of the English language, spoken and written.
  • Be available to participate in conferences and events during the six (6) months of the international scholarship for entrepreneurs in Germany.
  • Submit an online registration application via the official Westerwelle website.

Instructions to apply:

  • Submit a professional resume.
  • Financial information of your company.
  • Personal details.
  • Among others.

If you need more information about this scholarship for young entrepreneurs, check the official website of Westerwelle and check every detail to consider. If you need help, you can request it through the same online portal.

Until August 9, 2022.

Official Page Link:

Official notice: Westerwelle


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