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What has changed in the work of popular social networks and services?

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Problems with paying for purchases on foreign sites and disconnecting a number of banks from Apple Pay and Google Pay

We collected the main things that will change or have already changed in the work of popular social networks and services in Russia.

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay services will no longer work with cards from banks that have been sanctioned. This applies to clients of VTB, Otkritie, Sovcombank, PSB and Novikombank. The Central Bank recommends carrying a physical card for payment.
  • Users in Russia report problems with Facebook and Instagram. A few days ago, Roskomnadzor began to restrict access to Facebook. Users report that they do not see photos, and their Facebook messenger does not work. According to the portal Downdetector, which monitors the work of popular social networks and services in real-time, most of the reports of problems were left by residents of Moscow, Ufa, and Perm.
  • Russian users began to switch to Telegram massively. According to the Telegram Analytics project, in three days the audience of Russian news channels increased by 10.8 million subscribers, Ukrainian – by 11.5 million.
  • Twitter has blocked Russians from registering accounts. The social network does not allow creating an account linked to a Russian phone number.
  • A number of Russian media have been subject to sanctions and restrictions in Ukraine and Europe. TikTok shut down RT and Sputnik channels in Europe. YouTube, Google, and Meta (owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) have disabled the monetization of several Russian channels and restricted the display of content. First of all, this affected a number of Russian media, to a greater extent – RT and Sputnik, now the content of these media is limited or banned in Ukraine and in various European countries.
  • Applications of sanctioned banks are restricted in some services. For example, you can not pay for goods and services on foreign sites, or make a transfer abroad. Banking operations within Russia are available in the same volume.
  • The use of some Apple services is restricted. The RT News and Sputnik News apps are no longer available for download from the App Store outside of Russia. Apple Maps has disabled traffic and incident reporting. Apple also closed the possibility of buying goods on its official website in Russia, the TASS correspondent was convinced. All items in the “delivery” column indicate “currently unavailable”.
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