What is SPSS and how does it work?

SPSS Analysis

To complete your master’s degree, you will need to prepare your master’s thesis. For a thesis to be considered successful, you must collect data, analyze it statistically and draw conclusions. Your valuable helper in this process is the very popular ‘SPSS’ program. The following text allows you to learn more about it.

What is SPSS

‘SPSS’ is an essential software package for statistical data analysis. In 1965 at Stanford University, political science students Norman Nie and Dale Ben, after being frustrated by the lack of a statistical data analysis program, decided to develop their own. They used the FORTRAN programming language. In 1967 it was called the ‘Statistical Package for the Social Science’ and Hadlai Hull was added as a team member. A few years later, in 1970, the program continued at the University of Chicago, and Norman Nie founded a company.

In 1984 it was considered the most widely used statistical data analysis software in the world and is now used by most postgraduate students to complete their thesis. For a detailed guide to writing a thesis, you can check the relevant article that we have prepared for you. ‘SPSS 5’ was the first version for ‘Windows’ and others have followed. In 2009 it was acquired by ‘IBM’ and is now known as ‘IBM SPSS Statistics’. In Greece, ‘SPSS’ is supported by ‘SPSS Hellas’ for ‘Windows’.

How SPSS works

With the software ‘SPSS’ you have the possibility to:

  • you are entering a large amount of data
  • you do descriptive analyses: in them, the averages are shown with the deviations of the values ​​from the data
  • perform correlation analyses: this analysis shows any correlation between the research variables
  • to conduct an ANOVA analysis: with this method, you will examine the differences between the variables
  • to do regression analysis: to find out the prediction of a dependent variable in a study

Its advantages are quite numerous and for this reason, many students prefer it Data in SPSS undergraduate, graduate or undergraduate programs to prepare their diploma. Its main advantage is that the user can import data from various sources, such as the ‘ Excel ‘ spreadsheet. In addition, many statistical tests are built-in and available in ‘SPSS’ and the results are easy to interpret. The data tables are displayed easily and quickly while there is the possibility of further expansion of the program if the user so wishes.

The format of ‘SPSS’ is similar to most applications available on ‘Windows’. Various ‘SPSS’ windows appear on the desktop depending on the task one wants to perform. So, as soon as you open the program, you will see the ‘data editor’ i.e. the window for data processing where you can create a data file. In newer versions of ‘SPSS’, this window is displayed as ‘data view’ and as ‘variable view’.

How do I enter data into SPSS?

What is SPSS To import files from other sources, you need to select ‘file’, ‘open’ and ‘database’. To save the files, you will select ‘file’ and then ‘save as’. The ‘variable view’ is used to parameterize the variables you have entered in the ‘SPSS’ program. Also, you have the possibility, if you wish, to modify the variables or the data you have saved on your computer.

The results of the statistical analysis are displayed in the ‘viewer’, the results display window. This opens automatically, after running a statistical analysis. The name ‘Output1’ appears in the title bar. Also, the ‘syntax editor’ edits the commands given to it by the user and the ‘chart editor’ edits the graphs.

Therefore, now that you know ‘SPSS’ better, use it to complete your thesis easily and quickly before handing it to the professor. However, in case the statistical analysis make it difficult for you, do not hesitate to contact the largest group of academic statisticians in Greece so that you can immediately receive the statistical analysis as well as the explanation of the results of your diploma with just a few clicks and at the lowest cost on the market!

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