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What is the “Reddit place” that ignites social networks?

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What is the “Reddit place” that ignites social networks?

Since Friday, Internet users have been fighting to make the French flag exist on the American social network Reddit.

It’s the new fad of the internet . Since Friday, April 1, a “ Pixel War ”, literally Pixel war, has been raging on the social network Reddit . The platform has opened a page called “r/Place” for a period of five days . Unlike traditional network pages, this one is not a place to chat. It is dedicated to pixel art, a form of drawing where the work is made up of hundreds of dots. On the forum, the tens of millions of users from all countries can place a colored dot every five minutes. It is therefore necessary to agree to create the most imposing work possible – in a limited space -, which sometimes implies covering the work of others.

Among the many figures and flags of all origins that appear on the gigantic canvas, France takes the lion’s share. Dozens of tricolor banners have been constructed, including one that is the most imposing flag on the entire page. Other iconic elements of French heritage have been taken up: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, The Little Prince , Asterix and Obelix , wine, a baguette… Reddit is however a network mainly populated by Americans.

On Sunday alone, the French page of Reddit gained 20,000 new members, “an absolute record” according to a moderator. On average, a few hundred new people join the forum per day.

France needs you 
First confined to Reddit, this funny war ended up reaching the general public. The game even spilled over to its competitor Twitter, two dedicated hashtags have been trending in France since Sunday evening. The candidate for the presidency of the Republic Éric Zemmour himself got into the game. On Twitter, he thanked French Internet users “ who defend our beautiful tricolor flag on Reddit ”. ” France needs you ,” he added.

He was quickly accused of political recovery a few days before the first round.

After five days of work, the “ r/place ” page will close its doors on April 4 at 9 p.m. Several observers have suggested that the final canvas could be sold as NFTs. “ We have no intention of doing so ”, assures Le Figaro a spokesperson for Reddit.

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