Which version of the site is better: custom development or a ready-made solution?

As a business develops, technology and its tools are important in management, especially in relation to the creation of a new site . The work and business processes of the whole company, its further goals and possibilities of integration with external services depend on the effectiveness of a particular technical solution. Small businesses come to the rescue:

  • Ready-made solutions with the ability to adapt to your needs.

  • Custom development, which is developed from scratch for clear goals and objectives of the customer.

A small digression into pseudo-history

In the 1990s and early 2000s, custom dominated the development market. Websites were

developed only individually, as there were simply no ready-made options for business. If you are looking for cheap services for web development, we recommend using custom site development, as it will save you money in the future. You can immediately customize it to suit your needs and tasks, unlike ready-made solutions, such as WordPress and so on.

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Many web-developers made a site for a certain industry and sold it to different clients, changing only contacts and the company logo. It was a great solution for those who still did not understand why the site was needed, what was its purpose. But who really wanted it, because it is fashionable, and they heard that a competitor is already doing something. And the price at the same time was expensive and acceptable in order to try.

Over time, with the rapid development of technology and trends, business requests for websites have also changed. Companies began to see this as not just a fashionable thing, but a real tool to attract customers and customers, in which they need to invest in the same way as in the purchase of new machines or window dressing.

Today, catalytic development with an individual approach is popular among owners and marketers. She has advantages:

  • Flexibility of use in the future;

  • Easy integration into existing structure;

  • Ability to meet individual needs

  • Ease and cheapness of refinement;

  • Ease of scaling as your business grows;

  • The ability to make changes and improvements according to your own plan.

Custom solutions

The development of a new site on a custom project makes it possible to take into account all the wishes of the customer, despite the complexity of the project. This type of website development is always chosen by banks, telecommunications companies, online stores, manufacturers and other large companies. For them, each site module is created and designed, taking into account its purpose and aspects of business processes.

For such companies, a ready-made solution does not provide the flexibility that can only be obtained with a personal approach to website development. Custom solutions provide opportunities for interacting with customers, expanding sales funnels, integrating services and automating them.

Custom solutions have many advantages that can be obtained if you choose the right developer and development approach. When you want to develop a website or web application, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • A careful approach to architecture design: At the beginning of the project, it is necessary to choose solutions and technologies that will not become problematic and obsolete in the future. This requires a qualified approach, auditing not only the structure of the site, but also the company as a whole, its plans for the future.

  • Choosing the Right Hardware: The site should be able to export the code, it should solve non-standard tasks if necessary and allow you to do various tests.

  • Smart process management: When developing complex web systems, it is necessary to apply a flexible approach and take into account changes in the company that need to be implemented on the site.

Ready solutions

Ready-made solutions are template sites that can be used by minimally adapting to your business (for example, simply changing the colors and fonts of sites to corporate ones). Such sites are usually offered with specific typical functionality and the ability to integrate with popular services.

This approach has its advantages:

  1. Ready-made solutions are ready to use and do not require time for additional development;

  2. The finished solution has an interface familiar to most users ;

  3. And of course, the cost of a ready-made solution is much cheaper than custom development.

It is also ideal for certain industries and customers who do not need complex systems, but need to quickly launch a website with a product catalog and advertising. At the same time, the budget is saved and the site performs basic tasks.

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