Wild Xbox rumor: Microsoft is said to be working on new console

Is Microsoft working on a new Xbox? According to a new rumor, the company is currently working on another console model, with which Xbox would follow the example of the PlayStation 5.

A new rumor has the Xbox community in an uproar. According to the Xbox Era podcast, Microsoft is thinking about a new Series X model: a digital-only version without a drive. With the console, Microsoft would mimic Sony’s approach with the PS5, after all, the competitor provides two otherwise identical PS5 consoles – one version with a disc drive and one without.

Xbox: Is Microsoft working on a new console?

The Digital Series-X rumor was started by Twitter user and Xbox insider Shpeshal_Nick on the Xbox Era podcast – he confirmed he heard this from several sources that he couldn’t elaborate on. It could possibly be some sort of Series X Slim, as the console could presumably be built a bit more compact without a disc drive. Besides the Digital Series X, Microsoft is also said to be working on another piece of hardware that is supposed to be released in 2025. However, the insider is not allowed to reveal any further information about it yet.

A digital Xbox Series X would thus already be the fourth model of the current Xbox generation and would be placed between the new Xbox Series S with the 1 TB hard drive and the classic Xbox Series X in terms of quality and presumably also price. However, there is no more detailed information about the price and the appearance so far. Since Shpeshal_Nick names 2025 as the release date, fans would have to wait quite a while for the model.

Xbox: No mid-gen upgrade planned

Just recently, Microsoft announced that no mid-gen upgrade was planned for the Xbox Series X|S – a Pro console with improved hardware would not be necessary at the moment. However, a digital slim console would not strictly speaking fall under this term and would thus be quite conceivable.

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