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Women’s handball CSKA is ready to challenge the suspension from European competitions in CAS

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Women’s handball club CSKA considers the decision of the European Handball Federation (EHF) to exclude Russian and Belarusian teams and clubs from participating in European tournaments inconsistent with sports principles.

“Professional handball club CSKA categorically disagrees with the decision of the EHF executive committee on Monday to suspend Russian clubs from participating in European tournaments for an indefinite period,” the statement reads, the text of which is quoted by the press service on Tuesday.

“We believe that this decision is completely contrary to the principle of “Sport is out of politics”, which has always been adhered to by Russian handball and the professional handball club CSKA. In addition, it does not comply with the norms and sports principles of international competitions, is clearly discriminatory and harms a huge number of athletes , coaches, club employees,” the text of the appeal emphasizes.

“But the main thing is that millions of fans across Europe are suffering, whose interests international sports organizations must first of all protect,” CSKA said.

“Therefore, we reserve the right to challenge the decision of the EHF in accordance with international sports law, including before the CAS (Court for Sport of Arbitration in Lausanne),” the statement said.

The Moscow Club draws attention to the fact that “sport has always served the purpose of uniting the peoples of different countries and continents, regardless of any differences and disagreements.”

“Such (sanctions – IF) actions are dividing the world sports community, which has always adhered to the principles of equality, mutual respect and independence from momentary political conditions,” the statement emphasizes.

Women’s handball CSKA is a member of the Champions League.

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