Youtube SEO Views: Drive Organic Traffic And Grow Your Channel

YouTube ranks its best videos based on a video’s number of views and likes. Being new on YouTube can be challenging since you might not get as many views as others who have established their presence on YouTube and have millions of views. But this does not mean that it is impossible. You can gain as much organic traffic as possible if you plan properly.

YouTube ranks its videos in the search engine through YouTube SEO optimization. This is where videos are ranked based on the keywords search. When a user searches for a particular video using some words, the keywords in a video that are similar to the search appear on top of other videos.

How do you grow your organic traffic and get more YouTube views on your channel? You can promote and grow your channel through SEO tips that give you a higher ranking than others; thus, more people will view your content. In this article, we will guide you on how to drive organic traffic and grow your channel.

1. Use hashtags

You should consider including hashtags in your video description when attracting organic traffic. The hashtags you add should be SEO-optimized with keywords. Improving your hashtags by including keywords in them will help your YouTube channel promote better and get more views.

You can also search for trending topics on YouTube to add them to your YouTube video description. Trending hashtags can make your YouTube video go viral quickly and gain more views. This can be an excellent way to promote your video to gain more views.


Also, using trending hashtags and optimizing them with keywords can make your videos rank higher than others. Later, this will help attract mass traffic to your channel, which can convert into subscribers.

2. Optimize keywords

Keywords are essential in YouTube videos if you want to drive massive traffic.It is impossible for YouTube’s SEO rankings to improve keywords so that they appear as often as possible. YouTube ranks videos based on keywords in the search box. This means that if you use compelling keywords in your videos, it will be easy for people to click and watch them.

If you have no idea which keywords to use, you can search for keywords on SEO services like This SEO service suggests keywords you can use in your videos. It also helps people who watch your video understand what it is all about.

Frequently adding keywords in your video’s title and description can help you reach many people, drive organic traffic to your channel, and increase the number of views on your YouTube channel. Keywords optimization can also help new people to your channel know what your videos are all about.

3. Add keywords in your title

It has been discovered that videos that use keywords on their title tend to get more views than those that do not. This is because when searching is conducted, YouTube displays the title’s first 50 to 70 characters. This means that a video with a title with a keyword is more likely to appear on search results than those without.

The keyword you add in your video’s title should align with the topic of discussion. If you are talking about the met gala, you can add keywords like best dressed met gala, etc. This gives your video meaning; the keyword will be according to the video.

The title that you choose should be simple and easy to remember. The title should also be precise and captivating for anyone to get attracted to clicking on it to watch the video. This will make people curious to click on the video, thus increasing organic traffic, which leads to the growth of your channel.

4. Get SEO services

It would help if you also considered getting SEO services to promote your channel, such as buying YouTube organic traffic. Many SEO promotion services allow you to grow your YouTube channel by buying low-quality YouTube views.  You can buy YouTube views on your channel for less than $5 for 1,000.

The good thing about going for  SEO promotion services over other ways of growing your YouTube channel is that it is fast and easy to grow your YouTube channel. Once you make the order, receiving your organic traffic takes less than 24 hours.

These SEO promotion services allow you to promote your channel by buying as many views as possible. You should also put in mind that some of these services are fake. Therefore, You should research carefully to ensure that you order from a legit site that will not make your channel suspended.

5. Improve your description

The description of your video matters a lot because it tells your viewers what the video is all about. It would help if you, therefore, came up with a captivating description that will promote your video and drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

The description you choose for your video should include keywords in your video and the title of the video. The keyword should appear at the beginning of the description because YouTube displays the first 125 to 250 characters of your description. So if your keyword appears at least twice in the description, you will likely drive traffic to your channel.

The description should also be short enough for viewers to read and get intrigued about the video. Create a great description that briefly describes the essence of your video. You can also add hashtags in the description to enhance the video. A good description will make people click on the video faster and likely view the video.


It is easy to drive organic traffic to your video through YouTube SEO optimization of your description, keywords, and title. It would help if you also considered getting SEO promotion services to promote your channel cheaply and easily. Proper use of the above strategies will help you develop your YouTube channel.

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