Mechanical Keyboards of 2023: 5 Models Worth Considering

My colleagues and I really like mechanical keyboards. We have written about some of them – detailed reviews based on personal experience. But every year, new models emerge. And in this compilation, there are various keyboard options worth considering if you work with text frequently. Whether you are an editor or a programmer, the keyboard should be comfortable. Of course, this compilation is subjective, so if you have your own suggestions, please share them in the comments. Now let’s get started!

Keychron Q1 V2

Mechanical Keyboards of 2023: 5 Models Worth Considering
This is one of the latest models from Keychron. It has an aluminum base with a special noise-isolating pad that reduces the typing noise. Keychron Q1 V2 is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Its size is 75% of the standard layout.

The switches can be hot-swapped, and you can choose keycaps according to your preference. If you don’t like the ones provided by the manufacturer, you can order without them and install your own. However, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer provides keycaps for Mac layout, which is convenient if you’re a fan of Apple devices.

In terms of software, the keyboard supports both QMK and VIA. Overall, it can be considered universal and suitable for professionals from various fields related to typing.

The price of this keyboard is around $200.


ASUS TUF Gaming K3 Red

Mechanical Keyboards of 2023: 5 Models Worth Considering
ASUS TUF Gaming K3 Red is probably the largest keyboard among all the ones featured in the compilation. It has 104 keys and is positioned by the manufacturer as a universal keyboard. It is suitable for both gaming and typing.

There is a USB port for connecting external devices. It also comes with a detachable wrist rest that attaches magnetically. The keyboard is wired and connects to a laptop or PC using a 2-meter cable.

It also has backlighting that can be adjusted using the Armoury Crate software. If you have other ASUS devices with adjustable lighting, you can synchronize them.

The price of the keyboard is around $80-100, but I have seen it on Aliexpress for as low as $35. However, it’s not entirely clear whether it is an original product or not. It’s possible that it might not be.

Drop Signature Series TKL.

Mechanical Keyboards of 2023: 5 Models Worth Considering
The Drop Signature Series TKL is positioned as a premium keyboard. It is quite heavy, so it won’t slide around on the desk during use. It connects to a PC via a USB-C cable. Additionally, this model features two USB connectors. One of them can be used to connect external devices, which is very convenient.

It is made of high-quality materials, including an aluminum base processed with CNC and high-grade plastic. The keyboard has 87 keys.

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty for the ErgoDox EZ. It comes with a carrying case for storage and transportation. This model is compact and doesn’t take up much space on the work desk, which is important for many of us. There can never be too much workspace.

It also features customizable backlighting. The configuration of the backlight can be adjusted. Additionally, the switches can be replaced during operation without disconnecting the keyboard from the PC or laptop.

However, it’s worth noting that the cost of this keyboard is quite high, around $350.

ErgoDox EZ

Mechanical Keyboards of 2023: 5 Models Worth Considering
This is not a new model; it is well-known among enthusiasts of custom ergonomic keyboards. The developers have made it modular and highly customizable for each individual user.

The keyboard comes with ABS plastic keycaps and Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches. It is a split keyboard, so the halves can be separated by a distance wide enough to place a cup of coffee or tea between them (personally, I do that, though not with the ErgoDox EZ, but with the Lily58).

It also includes an additional wrist rest, which reduces strain on the wrists during work. With the ability to adjust the tilt angle of the wrist rest, hand fatigue is significantly reduced.

The cost of the model is around $300, which is quite high. However, it is a versatile tool that will work for many years. The manufacturer also provides a two-year warranty for this keyboard.

By the way, if you are accustomed to solid keyboards and are transitioning to a split keyboard, it may take some time to adapt. The adaptation process can be quite long, depending on the individual user. However, if you are not afraid of challenges or have previous experience with split keyboards (once you learn, you won’t forget), then the ErgoDox EZ is an excellent choice.

Nuphy Air75

Mechanical Keyboards of 2023: 5 Models Worth Considering
Nuphy Air75 is a vibrant keyboard that is compatible with various operating systems. It is wireless and connects via Bluetooth. It can be simultaneously connected to 4 devices, and switching between them is done by pressing a dedicated button.

The Nuphy Air75 comes with low-profile switches with smooth keystrokes. The package includes keycaps for both Windows and Mac, and it is compatible with both operating systems.

The keyboard has a total of 84 keys, including an Fn key for accessing additional functions. The body is made of aluminum and plastic. The package includes a 1.5-meter cable. When using it wirelessly, the battery lasts for approximately 2 days of work.

The keyboard comes with a USB receiver for wireless connection, a cable, feet, spare keycaps, and switches with a puller for installation.

The price of the model starts from $130. While not cheap, it is still more affordable compared to some other keyboards in the compilation.

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